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Leather and Fur Uniqueness

St Petersburg, Russia born Zina established her fashion label when she moved to New Zealand in 2003.

She became a principal designer for the chain “Leather in Style Fashion Boutiques“.

Zina started making leather and fur accessories for which she is known today in terms of her uniqueness.

Zina also started a line of winter clothes making ponchos, shawls and distressed denim.

When moving to Australia in 2011, she focused on a wide range of designer fashion clothing that was practical and feminine with the potential for longevity and stylish expression.

Zinat Design maintains a personal touch in every piece she makes, the customers will treasure in their wardrobe for years to come.

As a Denim-Obsessed designer, Zina created her denim collection for modern women looking for sophisticated, feminine yet relaxed outfits with a creative twist.

A signature of Zinat Design is the mix-and-match of different fabrics and textures with individuality and a personal touch.

Zinat Design garments are stocked in boutiques across Brisbane.

Zina is also a designer of Accessories which are both unique, feminine, edgy and individually handmade using leather, fur, denim and fabrics.

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